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About Eustema

We have been providing advanced Software Consulting and Engineering services since 1989.

In these thirty years of activity we have been the only ones to enhance and capitalize the heritage of Olivetti’s innovation, developing cutting-edge ICT solutions that make our customers increasingly competitive and supporting the country’s digital transformation.
The success of our projects is the result of the strong motivation and competence of our professionals as well as the technological and commercial partnerships with the most important players in the market and synergy with the world of academic research.
The aim of our work programme is based on cooperative processes and sharing of customers’ goals.
Since its birth, Eustema has invested in the enhancement of human heritage and in the constant professional growth of our resources aimed at offering innovation.

We have been certified as Innovative Company by the Investment Compact Decree.

Our history


Eustema SpA has implemented an integrated management system in its organization in order to ensure customers’ expectations while guaranting our employees a corporate commitment to social responsability.
The integrated management system of Eustema SpA aims to continuously improving business processes, supporting collaborators in work activities and ensuring high quality services / products supplied to the customer.



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Public Administration and Private Company



Rome, Naples, Milan

Social Responsability

According to Eustema, Corporate Social Responsibility is really a challenge: it represents the synthesis between a transparent and responsible management of company processes, resources, above all human ones, and the legitimate expectations of the Interested Parties (Stakeholders)or by the actors ‘of the economic and social context in which the company is involved and operates.

Eustema, innovation factory

Eustema has been representing innovation for thirty years as well as the evolution towards innovation. It is the result of a passionate group of professionals determined to achieve great goals. Always at the forefront alongside the citizens in the process of modernizing the country.

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Eustema, la fabbrica del nuovo

Data Manager, May 2019


Stefano Buscemi - Founder & President Eustema Spa

Once graduated in Electrical Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II and after a two-year programme at the same university as an assistant, Stefano Buscemi joined Olivetti in 1978 in Mondo Marketing Division. He provided software support to the foreign subsidiaries of the Ivrea company managing international projects of increasing importance and complexity as for contributing to the creation of information system of the Chinese Railways in 1980.

Once back in Italy, he was given the technical direction of the banking division.
In 1989, together with his friend and colleague Enrico Luciani, he was asked to found a new start-up, Eustema, with the aim of automating and computerizing the PA’s services for citizens. At first, he was the Director of Production Operations; from 2013 up to 2018 he shared with Luciani the control of Eustema, then becoming its President.

Enrico Luciani – Eustema Founder & CEO

Driven by a real passion for computer science, Enrico Luciani joined Olivetti in 1973, soon after his graduation in Mathematics at the University of Pisa.
On behalf of Ivrea company, he held positions of increasing responsibility, first in the Italian Sales Department and then in different subsidiaries until 1989 when he set up for Olivetti the joint-stock company Eustema, shared by CISL.
As Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, Luciani quickly led Eustema to success. Within a few years, the Company carved out a leading role among the major software innovation technology companies, demonstrating the effectiveness of a combining approach between the achievement of economic results and the constant attention and sensitivity to social dynamics and labor market of its sector.
Relying on the results achieved, in 2000 Luciani faced new challenges offered by the Internet: he founded the web agency Intrage SpA being its CEO until 2007 when the company was merged by incorporation with Eustema SpA.
Since May 2013 Enrico Luciani has been the reference shareholder of Eustema SpA, holding the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Paola de Rosa
Innovation Director

“Our activities daily confirm the centrality of competences and innovative technologies as sources of continuous change. Regarding this, the Innovation Department represents the natural tool to improve research and to canalize results in the corporate offer, in people’s skills, in our customers projects and in the realization of our products.”

Marco Morri
Technical Director

Quality, Excellence, Team Up are the base keys of the Technical Department. The delivery management work program turns around the cooperative processes and sharing of customers’ goals. We create integrated information systems based on complex realities and large organizations where we stand out for consultancy, design and development of tailor-made products and solutions.”

Mauro Trapasso

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Barbara Tavanti

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Citizenship and Innovation

<<We imagine a new economy which contributes to material progress and accompanies individuals in improving their personality and vocations.
Anyway, this does not prevent us from working towards a higher goal not as an individual purpose or personal profit, but a contribution to the everyone’s life towards civilization.>>

Adriano Olivetti