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Teleforum For & Certo

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It represents an architectural re-engineering and a functional enrichment of Eustema‘s historic product in the context of legal disputes.
This new version aligns the product to the most modern technological standards and usability of the interface.

TELEFORUM For® has been realized with the microservices development approach.
It introduces new functional modularities and it can be delivered in ‘Software as a Service’ mode on any Cloud platform. In the Company’s plane there is the evolution of the product towards Analytics tools for data analysis, blockchain for information exchange and NLP algorithms to manage requests in natural language.



This new version of the product is based on 4 fundamental pillars:

    • Security by design: fully compliant with the most recent guidelines on application security with particular attention to data encryption and compliance with Agid guidelines;
    • Privacy by design: Compliance with GDPR regulations with special consideration for the management information access also in a multitenant perspective for the provision of Software as a Services;
    • Data quality: procedures have been introduced to check the completeness and obsolescence of the data managed with the aim of supporting the organization in order to obtain the maximum result from the adoption of the product;
    • Continuous Improvement: the Product has been designed to incorporate continuous updates and promptly respond to new market needs.



    CERTO® is the Eustema product which allows the legal structures of large companies to be fully integrated with the national telematic process.
    It simplifies and automates filing processes, anonymous consultation and
    notarized documents with the competent authorities. It is naturally integrated with the TeleforumFOR product enabling the synchronization of legal agenda
    and information updating. It has been designed to be integrated with
    other litigation management systems.