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Eustema Digital Business Platform

Digital Business Technology Platform is a platform with process and technological capabilities used by company products or services to deliver the digital component of the corporate business. The DBTP supports the Organization to efficiently the increase its business on digital channels.

Regarding this, the Eustema Digital Business Platform allows accelerating the realization of digital services in the following areas:
Information Systems, supporting the core and back office processes of the Company’s operational areas;
Customer Experience, realizing the interfaces in order to be in contact with the stakeholders of the organization such as Customers, Suppliers, Collaborators;
Data and Analytics, managing the entire information life cycle and providing adequate analysis tools and algorithms providing tools for concrete support .
Ecosystems, for the creation and relationship with any ecosystem, marketplace or community outside the company, through the implementation of API Management components.

Eustema Digital Business Platform has been designed according to the principles of Privacy & Security By Design. It incorporates the Owasp guidelines for safe development and the indications of the recent GDPR legislation.
Moreover, it natively implements common processes of many application contexts such as:

• User Management and data access permissions;
• Document Management with native integration of market DMS platforms through standard protocols;
• Business Process Management for the management of complex workflows;
• Integrated search engine for immediate access to all managed information;
• User Experience adaptable to different functional contexts and designed to be optimal on all devices;
• Business Intelligence to implement decision support tools without interfering with production activities.