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EUTURING® is the Eustema Indoor Positioning System solution. It allows to locate objects or people inside buildings through sensor information (beacons) collected by mobile devices.

For example, EUTURING® allows to visit a museum interactively, to enable proximity marketing in a shopping center or in an airport, to guide visitors to a hospital or a large ministry, to facilitate movement and ‘operational intervention, (assistance, maintenance, safety), in an industrial plant, in an equipped area as well as in an whole city.

EUTURING® delivers multimedia contents near points of interest based on the user’s profile in order to enrich the experience of visitors / users / operators. It allows the user to have always a clear view of his position within the building and the most effective path to reach the points of interest to him.
The product consists of:

• A back office platform to manage multimedia contents of points of interest;
•a native mobile app for Android and iOS platforms for the use of indoor positioning services;
• a Notification Center which allows backoffice operators and the central system to engage users in the structure through marketing or organizational communications;
• Positioning Hardware Devices such as BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices that support the iBeacon and EddyStone protocols.