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Geotema is the Eustema solution for geographical data management and analysis.

It represents our solution for the delivery of GEO/GIS functions to support business processes. This platform is based on the integration of open source products and it finds its natural application in contexts of Near Real Time data and early warning applications or where it is necessary a prompt communication of critical situations.

GeoTEMA® allows implementing cost-effective GIS solutions and reduced Time To Market compared with other commercial solutions currently on the market.
The product consists of a Back-end component, called “GeoData Management” and a visualization and editing component called “Map Viewer“.
The former manages the entire life cycle of the geographic data (acquisition, completeness and accuracy verification, correlation with other information, geographic queries, removal of obsolete data); the latter allows to consult and interact with geospatial data and to view and manage emergencies and flight route for emergency fleets as well as geo Analytics to support operational decisions.