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Innovation is Eustema R&D’s Driver

We have been an active part of research programs at the national and European level and we have won several innovative projects co-financed in the MIUR and MISE programs. Moreover, collaborating with universities and research organizations encourages us to work constantly on frontier and innovation issues.
Regarding the National Strategy for Intelligent Specialization programme, we have been involved in the sectors of Smart, Secure and Inclusive Communities, Intelligent Factory and Sustainable Mobility.

Research fields​

Our Research and Development Center is the fulcrum of the Company for technological innovation and offer. We have been working on industrial research and experimental development projects for the application of machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies in the digital transformation processes for public institutions and large companies.


Legaltech & Regtech

  • LegTech
  • RegTech
  • FinTech
  • InsureTech
  • ML/AI
  • Artificialintelligence

Big Data & Analytics

  • Analytics
  • NaturalLanguageProcessing
  • EIM
  • DataMonetization
  • DataAnalysis
  • Insights

We offer models and technologies aimed at maximizing the value of company data, organizing them to be available for analytics and business insights.We develop projects for the real-time analysis of structured and non-structured data from open Web sources.We experiment with Big Data & Analytics techniques and algorithms in the area of Natural Language Processing.We correlate different sources of information (data and text) for the analysis of anomalous behaviour (Anomaly Detection), prevention of risk situations and anti-fraud.Thanks to experimentation environments and self-service analytics tools, we implement techniques and models of automatic learning integrated directly into operational or vertical processes.

The AI has been a support element in the strategies of companies and public sector. Our challenge is to guide customers in this transformation. We integrate the principles of Knowledge Engineering with new technological advances of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We apply technologies and machine learning algorithms to the content and document life cycle (Enterprise Content Management) in order to extract knowledge, classification and automatic meta-dating as well as automatic correlation of information within Web portals and document platforms. We develop tools to support the enhancement of knowledge within enterprise collaboration platforms (Enterprise Social Collaboration).

Machine learning & artificial intelligence

  • IA
  • machinelearning 
  • performance
  • intelligentagents
  • classifications
  • predictions

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger​

  • DataMonetization
  • GDPR
  • e-Procurement
  • Notarization
  • Auditability
  • DecentralizedNetwork

We experiment with the use of blockchain technology within administrative and documentary processes for the secure notarization of process and transaction steps (for example in e-procurement). In Knowledge Management systems we use blockchain technology for end-to-end encryption of confidential information and documents. The use of the blockchain has also been applied to tourist and cultural circuits of Smart Cities in order to enhance the “ancillary” services, the development of service networks and the strengthening of the local economy through “crypto-token”. Moreover, the association of the secure-by-design features of the blockchain to the privacy-by-design processes guarantees the correct processing of personal data and attributes from a Digital Single Market perspective.

The contextualization on the geographical position of the applications and the availability of a large quantity of georeferenced data have recently allowed realizing new services and to improve and customize the customer experience.

Eustema is equipped with a GIS competence center supported by R&D. It identifies open and interoperable data that guides the development of data-driven applications and both efficient and effective technologies in order to access and analyze geographical information. The R&D center works on pre-competitive solutions in the area of Early Warning, Destination Management System, Infomobility and Weather.

Geo Knowledge​

  • GIS
  • LocationIntelligence
  • OpenGeoData
  • IOT
  • Infomobility
  • GeoAnalytics

Information Intelligence​

  • SecurityAnalytics
  • CyberAttacks
  • GDPR
  • Privacy
  • DataSecurity

The R&D team has adopted solutions that allow:

  • navigating and managing information through a unified and extensible model;
  • sharing information about cyber threats;
  • monitoring the analytics about users’ behavior, traffic and network events in order to define predictive models and to detect anomalies regarding current threats and attacks.

In order to reduce strategic risks (related to individual or corporate reputation), we have developed an OSInt solution for the analysis of open sources that uses a multi-level software architecture focused on a semantic engine in order to extract relevant information from multilingual content.

Eustema R&D is involved in the research and proposition of models and solutions that support and guide IT Modernization.

Our challenge is to guide customers towards the modernization of their IT organizations using a holistic process that involves every aspect of the IT environment. Our solutions range from Application Modernization by cloud-first architectural approaches and micro services, to Infrastructure Modernization such as the use of Cloud and DevOps up to Workplace and Workforce Modernization like the use of collaboration tools and Robotics Process Automation (RPA).

A new generation Enterprise Architecture model (Digital Experience Platform) simplifies the delivery of digital services to our public and private Clients.

IT Modernization

  • microservizi
  • Cloud
  • DevOps
  • API
  • Workforce

Industrial Research Projects

We won and we carried out several industrial research projects co-financed by the MIUR and MISE National Operational Research Program.

SLEM - Smart Legal Management

Enterprise Legal Management project has aimed at the digital transformation of legal areas of companies and organizations using Data Analytics and Machine Learning models, tools and techniques

  • Duration – 36 months (on progress)
  • Proponent – Eustema, ITTIG-CNR and Uni Bicocca / CRISP collaboration

SCMS - Semantic Content Management System (FIT – MISE)

The SCMS project has defined a platform for new forms of Content Production & Publishing, exploiting the ability to create correlations between the information on the Web through Semantic technologies and Linked Data models

  • Duration – 30 months
  • Proponent – Eustema in collaboration with DIETI – University of Naples «Federico II»

DIGICULT - Valorizzazione di Giacimenti Culturali Diffusi (PON – MIUR)​

Project aimed at defining models, methodologies and innovative software prototypes for the enhancement of cultural heritage.

  • Duration – 36 months
  • Proponents – Poste Italiane (CRS), Eustema, CRMPA, CEMSAC, Interact, Protom Group, LitCom.

MODERN - Modelli Architetturali per Definizione, Esecuzione e Riconfigurazione di Processi User-Centric nell’Impresa 2.0 (PON – MIUR)​

Project aimed at the organic and structured identification of methodologies and models supporting the innovation process and the provision of services by organizations and companies in line with the paradigm of Impresa 2.0.

  • Duration – 36 months
    Proponents – Poste Italiane (CRS), Eustema, CRMPA, CEMSAC, Italsystem, Mate Consulting.

The experiences of industrial research and the experimental development have produced these solutions for the market:

  • RADIOSO !: platform to enable the Semantic Web in Enterprise Information Management for the classification and automatic meta-dating of online content.
  • OSInt Pilot: for the analysis of open data sources for the reputational supplier analysis.

Eustema publishes the results of industrial research activities on journals, conference proceedings and national and international congresses.

Most recent papers and keynotes:

Events: Conferenza Crittografia e Crittotecnologie, 08/05/2019, Rome
Organised by: Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA).
Keynote: Crittografia e Blockchain nei processi Documentali.

Events: Connext 2019 – Industria 4.0, 06/02/2019, Milan
Organised by: Confindustria.
Keynote: L’impatto delle nuove tecnologie per gli attuali e nuovi mercati.

Events: deCifris – Crittografia e Blockchain, 10/05/2018, Università di Salerno
Organised by:
Università degli Studi di Salerno e Università degli Studi di Trento.
Keynote: Blockchain per la notarizzazione e certificazione di Processi Documentali.

Events: #ImpreseCittà17 – le imprese del Cluster si confrontano con le Città, 28/11/2017, Rome
Organised by:
Cluster Smart Community Tech e Associazione Nazionale Comuni d’Italia (ANCI).
Keynote: Cittadinanza Attiva e Partecipata, nuovi modelli di servizi nella PA.

Events: Conferenza nazionale su tematiche connesse alle tecnologie digitali e legali, 23/11/2017, Bologna
Organised by: Kopjra.
Keynote: Digital Transformation e Legal Automation.

Events: Conferenza periodica sulle tematiche connesse alla Digital Transformation, 23/11/2017, Rome
Organised by: Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA).
Keynote: Competenze e Skill nella Digital Transformation.

Paper:  Reputation Analysis towards Discovery
Authors: Donato Cappetta, Raffaele Palmieri, Vincenzo Orabona, Nadia Cinque, Stefano Tangorra.
Events: KomIS2017 – International Conferenze on Data Management Technoligies and Application, 2017, Madrid (Spagna).
File: Paper Reputational Analysys towards Discovery (.pdf 435 kb).

Events: Corso Universitario di Management & Innovation Systems, 12/05/2017, Salerno
Organised by: Università degli Studi di Salerno, Dipartimento di Scienze Aziendali.
Keynote: Il Project Management nella gestione dei progetti di Ricerca Industriale.

Events: Master Universitario in Business Intelligence, BigData & Analytics, 16/12/2016, Milan
Organised by: Centro di Ricerca Interuniversitario per i Servizi di Pubblica utilità (CRISP, Università Milano Bicocca).
Keynote: Il fenomeno del Social Business e gli impatti nei processi aziendali.

Keynote: Semantic Web technologies to increase Web Experience Management during Web Information Portal fruition
Authors: Donato Cappetta , Vincenzo Orabona, Raffaele Palmieri.
Events: SEMANTiCS 2015 – International Conference on Semantics Web, 2015, Vienna (Austria).
File: Keynote SemWebTechs Increase WebExperienceMgmt WebInfoPortalFrution Semantics15 (.pdf 1.056kb).

Paper: An Application of Semantic Web Technologies to Enhance Content Management in Web Information Portals
Authors: Donato Cappetta, Vincenzo Orabona, Raffaele Palmieri, Salvatore D’Elena, Vincenzo Moscato*, Antonio Picariello*.
Events: Data2015 – 4th International Conference on Data Management Technologies and Applications, 2015, Colmar (France).
File: Paper An Application Semantic Web Tech Enhance Content Mgmt Web Information Portals KomIS 2015 (.pdf 372 kb).

Paper: A Semantic Content Management System for e-gov applications
Authors: Donato Cappetta , Vincenzo Orabona, Raffaele Palmieri, Salvatore D’Elena, Vincenzo Moscato*, Antonio Picariello*.
Events: KomIS2014 – International Conferenze on Data Management Technoligies and Application, 2014, Vienna (Austria).
File: Paper A Semantic Content Management System e-gov applications (.pdf 318 kb).

Paper: CMS towards Semantic Interoperability
Autori: Donato Cappetta , Vincenzo Orabona, Raffaele Palmieri, Salvatore D’Elena, Vincenzo Moscato*, Antonio Picariello*.
Events: Data2014 – 3° International Conference on Data Management Technologies and Applications, 2014, Sorrento (Italy).
(*University of Naples, Federico II, DIETI).
File: Paper CMS towards SemInterop sebd2014 (.pdf 325 kb).