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This information notice is given to those who spontaneously send their curriculum vitae to EUSTEMA S.p.A., or following a personnel search, pursuant to art. 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679- “GDPR”.
This statement illustrates who we are, for what purposes we may use your data, how we manage it, to whom it may be disclosed, where it may be transferred and what are your rights.

Who will process my data?
Your data will be processed by EUSTEMA S.p.A., as Data Controller with registered office in Via Carlo Mirabello 7 – 00195 Rome.

Where do the data come from?
The data processed by Eustema are those included in the curriculum sent:

  1. by you to submit an application;
  2. by third parties because of a staff search.

Why do you need my data?
Eustema will use your data exclusively for the purposes related to the management of the contractual / training relationship.

  1. Your Personal Data will be processed for:

a) carrying out the research and selection of personnel in order to establish an employment relationship even for any positions other than those you have spontaneously applied for; managing applications in response to job offers published on our website; acquiring references from third parties once given your consent; establishing, managing and ending the contractual relationship and training (eg. fulfillment of accounting, salary, social security, social security and tax obligations); enjoying of specific permits, absences and benefits related to the management of the employment relationship; complying legal obligations and regulations (eg. for purposes of preventive medicine, occupational medicine, anti-terrorism controls, etc..); managing of disputes; provision, support, update and information about the services and features available; performance of management activities, development, career transition and professional relocation.

b) allowing Eustema to create and manage its own archive of data obtained from previous recruitment or sent spontaneously by candidates in order to manage future needs of skilled professionals.
The purposes referred to in point a) and b) are functionally linked to one another: the provision of data and, consequently, any consent cannot be made solely in relation to one of them.

Eustema will carry out the treatment:

The provision of personal data is mandatory for the purposes set out in point 1. Any partial or total failure to provide data will result in the partial or total impossibility of achieving the aforementioned purposes.

The extent and adequacy of the data provided will be evaluated from time to time, in order to determine the consequent decisions and avoid the processing of data in excess of the aims pursued.

The spontaneous sending, by any means, of your data will be considered as an express consent to the processing for the purposes mentioned above.

We will not use your personal data for purposes other than those described in this statement, without informing you in advance and, where necessary, obtaining your consent.

Will you deal with particular data?
In the event that you have decided to apply for a particular job offer and / or if you have decided to provide us with specific data (eg health, judicial, trade union membership), Eustema will have to process and collect data once given your consent as required by the law.
In some cases, these data may be strictly necessary for the purposes of recruitment. In this case, they will be processed exclusively for the purposes indicated in point 1.
If you have to send sensitive data even without any consent, the spontaneous transmission of them will be considered as an expression of your valid consent to the treatment carried out by Eustema.

How will you collect my data?
Your Data will be collected, before the start or during a selection, by:
• spontaneous submitting of your curriculum (CV) through: a) a dedicated web page; b) electronic mail; c) fax; d) mail; e) other tools provided by Eustema;
• consulting specialized databases where you have voluntarily submit your CV in order to make it available for consultation by potentially interested companies.
If the personal data were received without your spontaneous sending of the CV or collected from third parties, the information referred to in this statement will be provided to you when you register the data.

How will you use my data?
Eustema aims to protect the personal data entrusted to it, basing their treatment on the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency. We therefore inform you that your personal data will be processed using appropriate tools and procedures to guarantee maximum security and confidentiality, through archives and paper supports, with the aid of digital media, computerized and telematics tools.

How long will you keep my information?
Your personal data will be stored, starting from their receipt / update, for a maximum period of 10 years for managing the application (unless otherwise provided for by law providing for longer periods), after which they will be deleted or made anonymous.
When a working relationship is established, personal data will be stored for a reasonable period related to purposes above-mentioned after which they will be deleted.

Will you share my information with others?
For the purposes referred to in point 1, as part of the research and selection activities as well as the management of the candidacies, your data will be processed by internal resources of the Company authorized to process the Data after being adequately trained. Furthermore, they could be shared with external subjects such as Professionals, Public Institutions, Audit or Supervisory Bodies, to fulfil obligations deriving from the law, regulations, community regulations or aspects concerning the management and execution of the contractual relationship.
Your personal data will not be disclosed or will not be disclosed to undetermined subjects.
Access to the archived data may only be made by public authorities, in the cases and methods provided for by the laws in force, in the event of legal disputes.
For all the purposes indicated in this statement, your data will not be shared outside the European Union.

What are my rights?
At any time, you will have the right to ask:

You will also have:

We will take charge of your request with the utmost commitment to ensure the effective exercise of your rights.

Can I withdraw my consent after lending it?
Yes, you can revoke your consent if this does not:

I still have questions …
For further information about this page or any privacy issue or if you wish to exercise your rights or revoke your consent, please write directly to the e-mail address