In this paper, we describe a novel Semantic Content Management System (SCMS) able to handle multimedia contents of different kinds (e.g. texts and images) using the related semantics and capable of supporting e-gov applications in different scenarios. All the information is described using semantic metadata semi-automatically extracted from multimedia data, which enriches the browsing experience and enables semantic contents’ authoring and queries. To this aim, several Semantic Web technologies have been exploited: RDF/OWL for data modeling and representation, SPARQL as querying languageMultimedia Information Extraction techniques for content annotation, W3C standard models, vocabularies and micro-formats for resource description. In addition, we propose for entity annotation issue the LOD approach. Ad an application scenario of the platform, we report a system customization useful for managing the semantic matching between the required professional profiles by a Public Administration and the aviable skills in a set of curricula vitae with respect to a given call.

Evento: KomIS2014 – International Conferenze on Data Management Technoligies and Application, 2014, Vienna (Austria)
Autori: Donato Cappetta, Salvatore D’Elena, Vincenzo Moscato, Vincenzo Orabona, Raffaele Palmieri, Antonio Picariello
Data: 2014