We studied the links with the recent Gamestop’s case, where the GME
title registered +400% gain (on the 12th of January 2021, the value of a GME
sharewas $19.95, while on the 29th of January it reached $325) and social media,
in particular focusing on the the Gamestop stock’s price rise and fall connected
to the social media Reddit and the subreddit WallStreetBet. This use case is the
rst registered event, to our knowledge, where hundreds of thousand of users from
a social media decided to short squeeze a stock market.We analyzed these rela-
tionships, in particular we identi ed and modeled the relationship between stock
market price changes and topic discussion occurrences on social media Reddit, to understand whether it is possible to detect evidence of the incoming market’s stress event from social media analysis. The results highlight that was possible to identify interactions among the considered features, and it appears that some topics discussed on the social media are indicative of certain types of price movements.

Autori: Marco Ortu, Stefano Vacca, Claudio Conversano, Giuseppe Destefanis
Data: 2021