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Core assets

Listening to the market, skills, research and innovation are the ingredients of the production and quality of services that make Eustema a real boutique in the ICT sector.

The management of skills organized in technological groups allows the Company favouring a breeding ground of abilities on specific technological and functional areas as an expression of talent and excellent team. The company’s Training & Digital Lab overcomes new trends in order to give value to the growth creating skills needed to operate in Italy’s Digital Transformation. Combining this approach with research activities and product development facilitates the proposition of corporate offers completely in line with the market needs.

Our technological building blocks

Our technological building blocks represent great part of our proposals in specific areas, thanks to:

  • The Company’s consolidated experience in implementing solutions for data management and information completed with sophisticated developments in the field of Data Analytics;
  • strong expertise in Data Governance & Quality, information management, Web content and services stand out, Mobile,  Chatbot, Intranet and Enterprise Social Collaboration characterized by high levels of UX in highly complex contexts;
  • application migration to the new cloud paradigms, micro services and API management;
  • anti-fraud solutions, anomalies detection systems and unified search services;
  • Enterprise Legal Management solutions based on the TeleforumFOR product.

Our Innovation

Data Analytics

Data Governance & Data Quality; Data Lake & Sale; Big Data & Fast Data; Self Service BI & Data Analysis; Data Warehouse Design; Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning; Enterprise Data Architecture Design

Enterprise Content Management

Document management systems, Dematerialization and Substitutive Conservation, Interactive and multimedia documents, Unified Enterprise Search, IT Protocol Systems.

Enterprise Application

Architecture Design, Serverless & Microservices Architecture, Technology Architecture Design, Omnichannel Application Developement, System Integration, Application Modernization, Software Quality Assurance.

Digital Media

Web Architecure Design, UX Design, Web & Social Analytics, Web Content Management, Enterprise Social Business & Collaboration Web, Mobile.

Cloud Computing

Public, Hybrid & Private Cloud Solution; Cloud Application migration; Cloud native Application Implementation; Assessment & Roadmap for Cloud Transformation; Legacy Modernization; XaaS Management; DevOps Consulting Services

Security & Privacy

Security, Privacy e Compliance Assessement: ISO 27001, GDPR, NIS GDPR Data Driven, Fraud Management Solution, Etical Hacking.

BPM & Documentale
System Management

Our Partners

Thanks to partnership with the major market players or niche companies with high added value, the Company continuously innovates its offer from a technological point of view in order to ride the wave of Digital Transformation and acquire new market spaces and new customers.
Team of experts, IT consultants, Technology Evangelists, developers, project managers and architects offer a wide range of solutions to meet needs and objectives of our customers.

Opportunity Place

We invest and collaborate in innovative realities and start-ups