Visitare® is an advanced remote inspection system. It effectively supports business and organizational processes that include the management of visits (audit processes, plant control and monitoring, inspections to the territorial structures of the organization, provision of funding to third parties subject to the realization of specific services, as in the case of interprofessional training funds).

The system consists of a central console that monitors all the events occurring at a specific moment and allows to start remote inspection visit. In this case, a mobile App is activated and can be accessed on the smartphone/tablet of the operator on the territory (teacher, tutor, plant manager, etc.) with a chat in which the central operator can ask the territorial operator to collect specific information. This may include checks on the signatures of those present, photographs or videos of the context being inspected. This information flows into a remote inspection report, signed by the local operator and the central operator, included in the knowledge base of the organization.

Visitare® allows for an increase in the control capacity in the inspection process, ensuring significant savings when compared to the on-going verification method.