LEDA is a new framework for low code development. You will drastically reduce time and costs for the creation of new digital business services, secure, long-lasting, GDPR Compliant, cloud native and fully integrated with your information systems.

With LEDA you can ensure a real boost to the core and administrative processes of your organization (Information System), define a more effective customer experience with accessible and fully customizable contact interfaces; manage the entire information life cycle with advanced analysis algorithms to support decisions.

LEDA can count on many native features common to multiple application contexts: document management, remote digital signature, workflow management and BPM, identity management, enterprise search engine, data layer, cognitive platform with native integration to classification services and automatic document enrichment.

The framework implements the most consolidated practices to guarantee services built with “by default” security, deliverable in a cloud-native approach or through hybrid microservices/monolithic systems. Additionally, it allows the installation of the Continuous Integration pipeline for managing the software for new digital services.