Meet Eustema

Eustema came into being in 1989 with the aim of bringing digital innovation to public administrations. In the early ’90s, with few Italians knowing what the Internet was, we provided companies with an e-mail system, Net Mail.
In 1999, well ahead of the digital and social media development, we created Community Portal Suite, one of the first Italian owned CMS focused on interaction and collaboration among users.

Meanwhile, with the first business intelligence and datawarehouse systems, business process management and document management, we created Intrage, a start up (not yet so called), and the homonymous portal for computer literacy for aged people, which represented the first real experience of digital inclusion in Italy.

We later created EUlab that is specialized in distance learning; and acquired a stake in Tabulex, an AI-focused spin-off of the Bicocca University in Milan.

We then moved from the legal area automation solutions of some of the most important Italian companies, which boosted our spin-off  EUforLEGAL, to the newest projects in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

In November 2022 we acquired 100% of SoftJam, expanding the innovative solutions offered by our Group to the areas of Cloud Integration, Modern Workplace, Data&Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Resilience.

Eustema Group’s core business since ever is to innovate and foresee the future of technological evolution.

Our secret? Being aware of our past but always looking forward, with strength, determination, and competence.
With this attitude, on January 11, 2024, we joined the Lutech Group, sharing a strong innovation and ethical approach from the very beginning, which will further boost our growth.


Enrico Luciani

Founder and CEO

Driven by a strong interest for the newly born computer science, Enrico Luciani joined Olivetti in 1973, immediately after having graduated in mathematics at the University of Pisa.
Luciani held key roles in Olivetti, starting as Sales Manager for Italy and then working in many of its controlled companies. In 1989, he founded Eustema, a CISL joint-stock company.
As Managing Director and General Manager, Luciani rapidly brought Eustema into the spotlight. The company quickly carved out a leading role among the main software engineering and technological innovation companies, proving the strength of an approach that combined the achievement of economic results with a focus on the social and labor dynamics of the sector.
On the strength of the results achieved, in 2000 Luciani decided to take up the new challenges: founded and became CEO of the web agency Intrage spa and led the company until 2007, the year of its acquisition by Eustema spa.

Since May 2013 Enrico Luciani is the reference shareholder of Eustema spa, as CEO. Since the entry of Eustema into Lutech Group, he maintains the position of CEO.

Paola de Rosa 
Chief Operating Officer

Carmine Di Maria
Chief Financial Officer

Barbara Tavanti
Partnership & Tender
Office Manager

Giuseppe Massanova
Commercial Director
Private & Public 

Mauro Trapasso
Commercial Director