Since the beginning, we focus on Knowledge Engineering through the realization of documental, sharing, and Intranet systems for some of the largest public and private organizations in the country.

We apply the most performing technologies on the market to create solutions, ensuring an increasingly effective and evolved information management with:

  • Enterprise Search – to provide added value and ensure a uniform vision of information across different silos;
  • Robotic Process Automation – to link different information silos with specific interactions between their entry points;
  • Recommendation system – to create correlations between data and information stored in different environments.

The adoption of Machine Learning and Natural Language Process (NLP) technologies ensures the evolution of the corporate knowledge management paradigm, with a highly integrated and multidisciplinary approach.

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence logic allows our systems to correctly identify and interpret requests, retrieve information even in case of lack of data and structured rules, and proceed to their eventual classification, reclassification, and metadata processing functional to your business.