Modh® is participatory prototyping and design platform. It solves the critical issues related to the management and evolution of complex application parks in large organizations.  How? By maintaining a consistent visual and functional identity of software managed and/or maintained by different vendors, by different departments of the same organization, etc…

From this point of view, Modh® simplifies and industrializes the design system, centralizing the process of visual identity design and automating its implementation by the applications, resulting in a drastic reduction in costs

Modh® allows the definition of real, ready-to-use web application creation models. It’s a control room that hosts, manages, and organizes times and modalities of navigation tools, colors, logos, icons… and much more. The objects developed with Modh® can be used across the entire application park, without using parallel processes managed by different designers, thanks to a single, simple, and intuitive centralized management process.

Modh® reduces application design times, development times, and deployment times.