Big data and AI

Our company started managing big data warehouse and business intelligence projects more than twenty years ago, acquiring know-how on emerging technologies and process competencies. Today we represent a perfect partner for all the organizations willing to adopt advanced solutions to manage Big Data exploiting all the potentialities of Artificial Intelligence.

From platforms to connected frameworks for processing in the ingestion phase, analysis of the data in the data lake or data hub up to the most advanced analytics phase, we ensure:

  • the optimization and highest performance of all Data Governance & Quality processes, with the most advanced techniques for the identification and representation of the data lifecycle, from its source to its destination highlighting the key processes, movements, and transformations over time (Data Lineage);
  • a consistent evolution or brand-new design of Big Data and Fast Data architectures that properly meet your company’s needs, also thanks to our knowledge of cloud technologies (public and hybrid);
  • a more effective approach to data processing through the adoption of an innovative machine and deep learning techniques;
    the opportunity to create decision-support systems that adopt Artificial Intelligence algorithms not only to make predictions based on analyzed data but also to explain to users the process of formulation (eXplainable AI

In the Big data and AI domain, our offer includes a further asset of strategic importance you will benefit from: excellent know-how in Data Protection and GDPR compliance.